Broadband Aggregation & Full Life
Cycle Management

Get the multilocation internet connectivity your business needs without the hassles of
management and multiple payments

Your network is the foundation of all your business technology. Make sure it’s managed and optimized for your needs.

Fast, seamless internet connectivity is a prerequisite for any modern business. But ensuring your various locations are equipped with high-speed internet usually means dealing with different providers, pricing plans, bill payments, and support teams. SHS’s Broadband Aggregation & Full Life Cycle Management services offer an easier solution.

We simplify multilocation connectivity by designing the right broadband services bundle for your organization and handling everything from installation to invoice to support so you won’t have to. SHS doesn’t only optimize your internet connectivity, but also your cost efficiency so you can leverage the resource on other growth-generating areas of your business.

Trusting Safe Haven Solutions to handle your enterprise’s broadband needs means you can leverage:

  • An extensive range of connectivity solutions, including xDSL, cable, fiber, T1, EOC, EOF, 4G/5G, fixed wireless, satellite, and more
  • Optimized break/fix and MACD
  • Strategic pre-qualification, because every premises requires different solutions
  • Consolidated billing, thanks to a single invoice for all your carriers, plus a custom feature to fit your internal format.
  • Pay 1 single customized invoice for the entire broadband network regardless of legacy BB connections.
  • Telecom expense management to avoid overage fees and optimize cost efficiency
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and help desk services by US-based technicians
  • On-site support
  • And so much more