Industries We Serve

Safe Haven has been guiding businesses to success through technology since 2005. The industries we serve include, but not limited to:


Home networks and business technology are two different beasts, and Safe Haven knows that our hospitality industry clients must do both well to succeed. We’ve helped hospitality providers upgrade and streamline their business operations while at the same time offering their customers everything they need to feel at home or at the office. Our cutting-edge technology solutions empower hospitality sector clients to:

  • Provide multiple check in/out options, integratable with third-party bookers
  • Enhance guest experiences with location-wide Wi-Fi, business center upgrades, and more
  • Boost their bottom line by reducing maintenance costs, overspending, and inefficiencies
  • Improve scalability to better cope with seasonal demand and cut unnecessary expenditures


Safe Haven knows that what’s important to our retail clients is high uptime and low overhead. Our access to and knowledge of the leading business technology on the market enable us to find best-fit solutions that:

  • Ensure maximized uptime so customers are always able to buy
  • Fully comply with PCI and other relevant regulations
  • Cut costs and increase operational efficiency to improve profit margins
  • Enable seamless and feature-rich communication with customers and suppliers

Call Center

Business communication solutions are our speciality. Safe Haven excels at determining areas for improvement and implementing cost-effective solutions for call centers across the nation and the globe. With our decades of telecommunication and procurement experience, we find solutions that help our call center clients:

  • Cut down inefficiencies by reducing instances of misrouted calls, data mismanagement, and more
  • Upgrade outdated technology without overspending
  • Better react to and scale for fluctuations in demand, the market, etc.
  • Utilize the cloud, VoIP, and other emerging technologies to improve caller interactions, data collection, training, and much more


The team at Safe Haven works diligently to provide effective technology solutions to our healthcare clients so they can stop worrying about IT and get back to helping people. We empower care providers to be more agile and responsive to clients while ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other relevant regulations. Safe Haven’s healthcare sector clients enjoy:

  • Smoother scheduling, admittance/discharge, payment, and EHR processes, which improve patient outcomes
  • State-of-the-art security and compliance solutions to protect patients, care providers, and their data
  • Telecommunication solutions for better interactions with off-premises patients
  • Better workforce mobility for increased response times and efficiency


Safe Haven Solutions works to increase the speed, security, and stability of our clients in the financial sector. We help firms of all sizes communicate with their customers effectively as well as protect client information while maintaining maximum uptime. Our financial sector clients enjoy:

  • Solutions to ensure compliance and prevent infractions
  • Elimination of costly downtime
  • Multiple seamless communication methods for their customers to choose from
  • Cloud solutions and other countermeasures for maximum data security


Safe Haven works with a variety of manufacturing businesses to improve their efficiency and connectivity. We keep our clients competitive by streamlining processes and communication between suppliers, home offices, manufacturing facilities, and distributors. Along with better process visibility, these benefits enable our clients to make and implement changes for a more agile and innovative company. Our manufacturing clients enjoy:

  • Minimized downtime
  • Unprecedented operational efficiency
  • Clear, stable, and feature-rich communication across the globe
  • Increased process visibility and data integration for improved supply chains


Legal firms turn to Safe Haven to upgrade their legacy services with IT solutions for increased data security, improved operational efficiency, streamlined record keeping, and more. We also implement emerging technologies that enable our legal sector clients to facilitate the low-cost, technology-driven, piecemeal legal services that continue to grow in popularity. Our legal sector clients enjoy:

  • State-of-the-art security and compliance solutions to protect their firm and its customers’ information
  • Streamlined and efficient operations that help win cases and retain clients
  • Enhanced document management and electronic record keeping that prevents errors
  • Email filtering and other communication solutions for better case and customer management
  • Technology integrated into the court system for unprecedented speed and ease of filing